Riddell Redundant

In news smuggled out from from behind the Wapping paywall it is revealed that Peter Riddell the veteran politics commentator is, after 40 years on Fleet Street and 21 years at The Times, taking redundancy.

After relating an anecdote in the Guardian, which reflected on him unfavourably, about asking a group of Oxford students who in the media they trusted more, Peter Riddell took umbrage with Guido. He told a Iain Dale that he really should disassociate himself from yours truly. When independent analysis came along to back up the contention that Riddell was not only less trusted, but his opinion was less sought after, the froideur was total.

Guido’s new ambition to be read by more people than read The Times’ political comment and news looks ever more achievable…

UPDATE : The Guardian is reporting that The Times is losing three members of the business reporting team. Wonder if we will start to see news syndicated across from the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal in The Times. Makes compelling commercial sense for a paper losing £10,000 an hour.

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