Statporn for May : 3.3 Million Hits mdi-fullscreen

Forgot  to do the blog stats yesterday: 252,862 visitors made 1,313,840 visits to the blog viewing 2,218,210 pages, add in 1,147,291 views via feed readers and you have over 3.3 million hits on the blog you love and politicians hate.  Many thanks to the advertisers who make it all possible.

For comparison the blog traffic is neck and neck with the Speccie’s web traffic and double what the New Statesman gets.  The most popular stories last month were:

Guido also wants to say a long overdue thanks to Juliet Samuel who started out as an intern last summer, became a Guy News staffer and “famous for Westminster” as Emily Nomates; the presenter, producer, script writer and editor of Guy News. Juliet has now been poached by City A.M. editor Allister Heath to write for them.

Guido’s loss is his gain…

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