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It looks set to be a very long and tedious summer if the Labour leadership campaign drags on at this current level of excitement, not far off a second-rate student election.

The Milibrothers are shooting way ahead in terms of nominations and the rest of the candidates should pause for a moment to reflect that if they can’t even get the support of their colleagues, how exactly are they planning on achieving the support of the country?

What have we really learnt about any of these white middle-aged Oxbridge wonks so far on the campaign?  No one is talking about the deficit, no one is talking about cuts or taking the fight to the Coalition. All they seem to be capable of trying to do is determine who has the bona fide dyed-in-the-wool working class thing sorted.

In terms of money, it seems Miliband major has capitalised on the “big mo”. A Smith Square campaign office doesn’t come free and he is paying for whip-like text messaging services for his PLP supporters who are sent campaign lines and updates throughout the day. Burnham is basing his campaign up north, which is cheaper and Milband minor seems to be relying on the Labour Twitterati to run his campaign for him – which worked so well in the general election didn’t it? It seems Ed Balls is as yet unable to afford either an office or a website.

Andy Burnham’s piss-poor website somehow looks very 80s, eventually it came to Guido. Burnham is clearly a fan of 1980s experimental German electronic music…

UPDATE: Not content with Lord Sainsbury’s money and minions, Jason Beatie is reporting that Blair has lent David Miliband some of his office staff. Miliband has turned down the endorsement so far though…

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