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Ex-Labour MP Sion Simon has launched a new mulit-authored blog “Labour Uncut” to cover the leadership race. The grassroots are well represented with posts from Benjamin Wegg-Prosser and John McTernan.  It won’t be too hard for it to be more successful than Simon’s last foray into the digital world. So far the blog is a bit of an elongated yawn.

This is not the first time Simon has attempted to providing insight and comment though. Regular readers will remember his infamous September 2007 New Statesman article:

“Shortly there will be an election, in which Labour will increase its majority, and in so doing utterly shatter the glass paradigm of cyclical politics which has contained us for the century since 1906. This ought to herald another decade of strong, confident, consensual Labour government.

For, that, indeed, is what this madness is: it’s the hour that we see that the march never ends. We’ve learned that we cannot be killed. And we’ve come to accept that we’ll never go home.”

With such a shrewd analysis and the gift of such foresight, the website is going to be a must read…

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Quote of the Day

Peter Mandelson tells Emma Barnett…

“I think that Jeremy Corbyn himself should search his conscience and ask himself whether he’s the best person to lead the Labour Party into the general election with the best chance of success for the party.”


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