MacShane's Ministerial Max-out

In a rare moment of cross-party support, Labour’s rent-a-rant Denis MacShane has demonstrated why his own ministerial career was so short-lived. For tonight’s Standard he has written ten top tips for new Ministers that include extra special ways of milking the benefits of government office for personal aggrandizement and drinks parties for mates.

Being a minister for one or five years is fun and tons better than being in opposition or part of the government lobby fodder.” He goes on to suggest the immediate installation of drinks cabinets in offices, laments the new expenses rules for MPs and highlights ways those in government can get round them: “While elderly women MPs must get the late-night train home and risk mugging to please the new misogynist MPs expenses oversight body, you can glide home.” Finally he reminds the new intake to keep diaries, which of course they can cash in on at a later day. And still Labour wonder why they were booted out by the public.

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Quote of the Day

Lewis Goodall opines

“Remainer readers may dislike Mr Farage – they may dislike his style, his rhetoric, his approach – but he cannot be faulted for his appreciation of strategy. If his opponents don’t up their game – and fast – he will beat them, just as he did before.”


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