Don't Mean to Gloat* But You Read it Here First

Nearly four and half years ago, when Tony Blair was still the Prime Minister and a mere two days after David Cameron became Tory leader, Guido posted this:

While Guido may have been a little out with his forecast of what the futuristic Sky News graphics would look like, the rest of it unfolded just as was predicted here first.  Not only that, months ago Guido along with the likes of Alex Massie at the Speccie and Mark Littlewood, (the Guido supported winning candidate for the top-wonk job at the Institute of Economic Affairs)  began to talk of the “Change Coalition” that came as such a shock to everyone else. The 1930s “Liberals and Conservatives Unite for Freedom” poster became a near daily occurrence on the blog, (it was even Guido’s Twitter background during the election campaign). Guido even kindly mapped out scenarios not so different to what actually unfolded:

These were greeted with reactions varying from horror to laughter. Who’s laughing now eh?

*Alright, am intentionally gloating.

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Quote of the Day

George Freeman on Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit Position:

“The Leader of the Opposition’s Position is crystal clear – he’s for Leave up north and Remain down south.”


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