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7upIf you were not one of the 84,754 visitors viewing 610,039 pages over the last seven days, here are the seven most popular stories (in order of popularity) that you missed:

April was a pretty good month in terms of traffic; 225,296 visitors making 1,227,666 visits to viewing 2,131,968 pages, add in feed readers and the total page views was well over 3 million last month. Readership on a scale which explains why blue-chip media savvy advertisers like Google, ITV and the Wall Street Journal advertise on this blog when they want to reach a politically engaged audience.   Many thanks to the advertisers and readers who make this blog possible.

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Quote of the Day

In response to the news that Emily Thornberry described the Lib Dems as “like the Taliban” over their new revoke Article 50 Brexit policy, the former Lib Dem leader responded:

“Come on Emily, if we really were like a Middle East terrorist group, don’t you think Jeremy would’ve invited us to a conference fringe meeting before now?”


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