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The Guardian have tried doing a hatchet job on right-wing kiddy trainers the Young Britons’ Foundation.  Apparently YBF acolytes visited a firing range while in the U.S. to shoot off some AK-47s, so this means Dave is going to repeal the handgun ban. Well that was the line pumped by one Mrs Bob Marshall-Andrews, the wife of the stalwart Labour MP, who happens to work for the anti-firearms lobby. No mention of the relationship in the article though.

In Guido’s student days we went to actual war zones, not firing ranges, to shoot off Ak47s. Given that Eric Pickles just last Wednesday gave a speech to YBF, praising them and getting them fired up for the coming ground war, it seems somewhat pathetic for him to be trying to distance himself.  Guido was wondering what exactly is wrong with shooting off a few rounds?  After all a right-wing gun nut was Britain’s finest Prime Minister.  The Guardian make it sound like they are being trained for a military coup. They shouldn’t worry too much though, as Guido told the YBF audience just after Pickles had addressed them – they aren’t nearly extreme enough.

They should spend more time on the firing range and less time trying to climb the greasy pole.

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