Hello Microsoft, Help!

Some months ago Guido got a Microsoft Windows urgent update message on his Sony Vaio saying that his Windows XP software needed updating.  Guido clicked the download button, it updated and he was asked to key in the product key code again.

Turned the laptop over copied the code off the sticker, typed it in.  It didn’t work.  Tried again. Called the helpline.  Told had to go to a Microsoft re-seller.  Put the laptop in cupboard.  Now this laptop was a £1,300 top of the range dual core Sony Vaio which Guido ran on Windows XP because it worked perfectly, until the security update.  It is now an expensive paperweight.

There is no question that the Windows XP installed was genuine, unless Sony are shipping counterfeit copies.  Dale just got Vodafone to sort out his difficulties.  Any chance Microsoft could supply Guido with a working copy of Windows XP Media centre for laptops?  Please.

UPDATE : Microsoft have got in touch promising restoration!

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