CCHQ Printing Problem

Given that candidates have been on the highest state of alert since the new year, gearing up to an election that could be called at any moment, Guido is unsurprised by the amount of anger this latest blunder has caused. It would appear that the printing company that CCHQ were using went bust leaving constituencies and their agents stranded and angry. CCHQ are working to calm the situation:

“I understand there was a problem last week because the firm went into administration and its suppliers were ceasing to fulfil orders. However, they have now been taken over by a large company and suppliers have resumed service. I have referred this to our people who will take it up with the company and are going to be very firm with them. Sorry you have had this problem”

For three years the Tories have been noisily demanding that Brown calls an election, now with less than one hundred days to go, they are terrified he might do it too soon.

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