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The room bookings on the Palace Estate files have now been published.  Some MPs have been trousering thousands from lobbyists and commercial interests to act as a room booking service.

There is a scratch-my-back, I-scratch-yours aspect to this racket, politicians get paid to advise lobbying firms in a general capacity, they then book rooms for clients of the lobbyists.  It is hard to nail ’em for this, but Guido will try…

Link to report [PDF] here.

Post info in the comments…

UPDATES : John Denham held breakfast event for AXA & registered an interest in providing them consultancy work the next month.

Patricia Hewitt booked Commons rooms 5 times for companies she had financial interests in – Boots, BT & Cinven.

John Mann, the holier-than-thou MP, held an event for Morgan Allen Moore (MAM), the controversial lobbyists implicated in the events surrounding Peter Hain’s resignation from the Cabinet in January 2008.  MAM were the first lobbying firm ever to be kicked out of the lobbyist’s trade body.  That is how bad they were.

The Right Honourable John McFall, chairman of the Treasury Select Committee, likes to rail against the bankers on Newsnight.   Obviously that is when he he can spare the time from hosting receptions for the Royal Bank of Scotland in the Strangers Dining Room (June ’08).

The oh, so green Ed Miliband sponsored a dinner for the Oil and Gas Industry Dinner in the Astor Room (Sep ’09).

Labour’s Jamie Reed  booked for lobbyists Weber Shandwick – put it through as Weber Sandwich  (Mar ‘o6).

Bercow hosts Masonic reception for 145. Gray’s Inn Lodge Ladies Night (Jun ’06)

Did David Davies get a free Blackberry for hosting Research in Motion for dinner in February?

Shagging Nigel Griffiths hosted lunch for Labour Finance and Industry Group, they have donated over £60k between 2005-2007 (May ’06)

Stephen McCabe held a dinner for a top Labour party donor Lord Bhattacharyya. He donated over £400,000 to the Labour Party. (May ’08)

Andrew Miller held a reception for Microsoft after receiving a paid-for trip to Berlin by them. (Jun ’08)

Mark Oaten, director of BHTA, hosts dinners mainaly for BHTA. Go figure.

Mark Tami MP booked the E.ON Parliamentary Dinner. E.ON UK made a cash donation of £10,000 by way of sponsorship to the national Labour Party in October 2007. (Mar ’09)

Labour Chief Whip Nick Brown hosted a reception for Amec Oil and Gas. (Dec ’06) His register of interests for the same year: “22-26 August 2006, to Stavanger, Norway, to visit Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference and exhibition, with the British Offshore Oil and Gas Industry All-Party Parliamentary Group. Overseas flights, hotel accommodation, local transport and hospitality sponsored by the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA).” Amec is a member of UKOOA.

More Masonic connections – Tony Baldry hosted the Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey. (Sep ’05)

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