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£1.3 million in fiddles repaid. Average fiddle was for £4,000.

Link to report [PDF] here.

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UPDATE : John Redwood MP had to repay £112 for the cost of re-seeding his lawn, uncharacteristically he wanted us to pay for the green shoots of recovery.

Bob Ainsworth to payback  £1,526.50 for antique dresser and brand new gate-gate.

Dr Julian Lewis MP double claimed £829.85 for mortgage interest and over-claimed for a £789 for a washer/drier.

Balls for overpaid mortgage repayments £1,363.44.

Phil Hope to pay back a whopping £42,674.13.

Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory MP overshot the gardening allowance by £26,696.58.

Douglas “Moat Cleaning” Hogg paying back £20,639. Elliot Morley ‘has no issues’. We know he is guilty.

Bercow has repaid £978.51 for mortgage overpayments.

Margaret Beckett still owes for illegitimate claims for gardening. She has still not repaid the £2,539.75 Legg asked for.

Keith Vaz, £414 for a foot-stool.

Iris Robinson £1,614 for a bed. No further comment.

John Baron MP cashed in by re-mortgaging his house to the tune of £8,821.10. Re-mortgaging is specifically against the Green Book rules.

Gordon has repaid £13,723.04 for his cleaning claims despite being asked for “only” £12,888.03. A shame he wasn’t so diligent with our deficit.

Ed Vaizey paying back £2,449.45 for amongst other things, a dining table. How did he break the old one?

Jeremy Richard Browne appealed a demand to repay £17,894.24 for re-mortgaging his home, which is specifically disallowed in the Green Book rules. He has successfully appealed this down to £0.

CCHQ: Total cabinet repayments since 1 April 2009 = £35,036. Brown’s £13,723 represents 40% of total

George Galloway to pay back £3,187.28 of mobile phone bills. Calling the Middle East is expensive!

Julie Kirkbride had to repay £29,243 scammed. Oink.

Yvette Cooper was overpaid by £1,363.21 in mortgage interest for the home she shares with Blinky.

Nick Clegg has had to repay £910.00 for gardening costs.

Jonathan Djanogly was ordered to repay £17,364.76 for gardening and cleaning costs. The limit was £1000.

Parmjit Dhanda had to repay £2,208.28 for overpayments of mortgage interest.

Quentin “Belltower” Davies claims were at least so outrageous that most of them didn’t even get past the placid Fees Office. He did, however, manage to over-claim for cleaning to the tune of £658.00.

Wayne David was ordered to repay £12,959.69 for a combination of insurance and mortgage fiddles (switching to a higher rate on the taxpayer’s dime) as well as £430 for a bedroom chair.

Alistair Darling claimed more than double the recommended amount for a chest of drawers and has been ordered to repay £554.00.

Anthony Steen claimed for “a flagpole rope and binding” for his very nice house.

CCHQ: Ed Balls paid Brown’s former press officer – Fiona Gordon – £4,000 in exes in 08/09

Vaizey appealed to Legg over £30.

Michael Spicer failed in his appeal to avoid paying back £15,109.37 for gardening, cleaning and a dishwasher. £10k of this is therefore still owed.

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