Brave or Very Stupid?

It seems irony is alive and well at Cowley Street. The Liberal Democrats have put out a press release slamming the government’s use of office space. Understandably the public are right to be outraged about ten million pounds worth of empty offices, but who was the idiot that decided to let Sarah Teather front the campaign?

“Either this Government is incompetent if it thinks £10m is small change. It is completely unacceptable to spend taxpayers’ cash on renting nothing more than thin air. We are in the middle of a housing crisis, yet Gordon Brown chooses to pour millions into a big black hole. This is an astonishing betrayal of the thousands of families across the UK without a home. This kind of shameful waste simply cannot be allowed to go on. Government departments need to wake up and stop leaking taxpayers’ money like a sieve.”

All good stuff, but glass houses come to mind.  Is this the same Sarah Teather who was recently exposed for fiddling her expenses so that her local Liberal Democrats could run her tight re-election campaign out of her taxpayerfunded constituency office? Why yes, Guido believes it is. Such blatant hypocrisy is at best laughable, or at worst shows just how far the Liberal Democrats are from getting it. So they might not claim for moats or mortgages, but a fiddle that aids you electorally rather than personally is still an abuse of taxpayers money. Normally when the Liberal Democrats cock something like this up they blame a lowly intern, however the quote is straight from the horses mouth.

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Quote of the Day

Trevor Kavanagh’s analysis of the Brexit process…

“Thanks to Mrs May and her useless Chancellor Phil Hammond, this will not come without pain. But we escape with imagination and true British grit or we will be boiled alive.

It means on this centenary Remembrance of our struggle against tyranny, we risk ceding non-military victory in Europe to the undemocratic forces of an unaccountable totalitarian regime.”


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