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Bad Al can’t stop doing two things: plugging his books and lying. On his blog he is gearing up yet again to try dent that warehouse full of unsold copies of his redacted and spun diaries – “Stand by for a special offer we are launching here soon using The Blair Years to raise money for the Labour Party.” Al’s encouraging people to take a very partial inside look at Labour’s darkest most deceitful years.  Given the spin-meister’s book is widely available in remainder bins for £1 that might not help much towards the £10 million Labour needs.

Either Campbell is an idiot or he has a wonderful sense of irony.

This weekend he had a cup of tea and a chat with The Times.  Janice Turner was treated to a spin round his poster collection, fed some casual lies about Campbell not realising his Chilcot evidence would be televised, and she even had to put up with him whining about his depression again:

“He had a major bout last summer, a lesser one a month ago. Only then does he resort to medication. He has learnt to carry on with work, while cancelling a few social things…”

Last summer? Just after the Labour Party finished fifth in the European elections behind UKIP? When Gordon was nearly brought down by a divided Labour Party? Are his mood swings correlated with the the inner workings of the Labour Party? A small bout last month – well Labour didn’t have a great month in December.  Gordon cursed Copenhagen and embarrassed himself and the nation by being forced out of the closet by Al Gore. Straight after Christmas he was faced with yet another coup attempt.  Bad Al says he is advising Gordon – he was uncharacteristically quiet that week – was he properly dosed up?  (Al, not Gordon)  Guido fears the election defeat the Labour Party are crawling towards might just tip him into the abyss…

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