Left and Right Unite Against McBride's BBC Return

Damian McPoisonDecent Labour supporters have been quick to condemn the BBC giving a platform to McBride. “It’s nauseating and woefully inappropriate” said Alex Smith editor of LabourList. “It’s not just the Tories who are feeling discomfort about the supposed return of McBride” added Jessica Asato director of Labour campaign group Progress. It would be unwise for Gordon Brown to seek his counsel again…” says Left Foot Forward’s Will Straw. Perhaps most damning, PR Week‘s left leaning David Singleton used Twitter to compare Damian McBride to a convicted criminal. Ouch!

Guido even had calls from people within the BBC who were none too impressed that their organisation had brought him back into the limelight.  None on the left managed to articulate the anger felt by many licence fee payers today as well as Nadine does “The BBC invite McBride, a self confessed fantasist and liar, standards that could hardly stagger from a gutter, to speak at a conference?” Quite.

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