Exclusive : Mcbride's Back! Advising the BBC!

Damian McPoisonDamian McBride is back giving advice, and this time it is to the BBC.  According to Guido’s co-conspirator in White City he is speaking  (off-the-record terms) on the 5th floor at the White City HQ about now to an invited audience of BBC luvvies and executives on a discussion panel with Nick Robinson.

Guido has not been able to confirm from the BBC press office if, or how much he is being paid.

Surely the BBC hardly needs advice on doing Downing Street’s dirty work…

UPDATE : The BBC’s press office has just emailed:

It’s important for people to have the space to take stock, keep up with new developments and ensure we are providing the best possible service for our audience. The event allows staff across the whole of the division to come together to debate and discuss industry and editorial developments – including hearing from outside perspectives.

They also say Damian ain’t getting paid.

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