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Guido gave a talk at Microsoft’s groovy London HQ to the Online News Association’s UK chapter. We did the usual bit of blogger v journalist banter, laughed at Nick Robinson’s ‘Michael Fish moment‘ and then Guido tried to push his new meme.

Having spent a few years writing the advance obituary for the “Dead Tree Press” as well as pushing the digital disintermediation meme, the new, new thing for the start of this decade is the idea that the “news stream” has killed the “news cycle”. Guido recognises that this might sound a bit like a Steve Hilton strategy memo.

Sorry the above slides are more of an aide memoire than a presentation.  The last slide contains the logos of a few “news brands” which are more profitable in aggregate than the whole of what was once called “Fleet Street”. The British newspaper industry is  for the most part a form of vanity publishing, not a business.

UPDATE : Just noticed there was live real-time reportage of the event : live blog and Twitter stream.

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