First Blog Scalp of the 2010 Election

In the coming elections Guido has his eye on a few scalps, so he is a little surprised to see that this blog’s first casualty of the 2010 election cycle is Greg Stone, a LibDem councillor standing for parliament in Newcastle East against Labour’s Nick Brown.

Greg has withdrawn his candidature after a dossier of comments which he had made on this blog over a period of many months was circulated anonymously to the media.

Dominic Llewellyn, his Tory opponent, says the dossier was sent to him anonymously.  Guido has no doubt it was the work of Nick Brown, the government Chief Whip is not known as Gordon’s enforcer for his delicate approach to politics.  Nick Brown has survived a rent-boy scandal – because he claimed he did not pay for sex – he just gave the rent boy financial gifts.  If Nick Brown can survive that, Greg Stone should survive making a few OTT rude insults made in the context of the blokey bar-room, profanity strewn critique of politicians that prevails in the comments section here.

Probably not wise to indulge if you are a candidate. He won’t be the last politician brought down by a blog in the next few months…

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Quote of the Day

The Daily Mirror has heard that at the shadow cabinet meeting, Nick Brown lost his train of thought so John McDonnell handed over a piece of paper to help out.

Brown: “You’re really helpful“.

McDonnell: “Yes I am. But it would be great if somebody could tell Skwawkbox that“.



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