LibDems : "Stupid and Shouldn't Have Happened"

Clegg is trying today to position himself as a credible alternative and Danny Alexander, Cable’s Shadow Treasury junior, was sent on the Daily Politics claiming

“On all our figures they add up to the nearest penny”

Do they? Take a look at a Cowley Street press release from yesterday:

Elsewhere the press release is riddled with similar claims:

Sutton 1,000 12,000 44,900% increase
Ham & Fulham 2,000 17,000 22,400% increase
Enfield 1,000 3,000 44,900% increase

Do you really think business rates in Tory controlled Hammersmith and Fulham have increased  over 200 times? Guido particularly laughed at Goldsworthy’s quote: “This is further proof that Labour cannot be trusted on the economy.” It is further proof that the LibDems can’t be trusted to add up.

Guido tried to call Kathrine Bancroft, Cable’s press officer.  Despite her being the contact for the press release, it was nothing to do with her, the press office passed Guido to Nav Prit Rai, the aide responsible, she said less than loyally it was the intern’s fault, that it was “stupid and shouldn’t have happened”. So there you have it, LibDem economic policy, to the last penny, is dictated by the intern…

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Quote of the Day

Expelled Tory MP, Richard Benyon, on the short three-day Programme Motion for the Withdrawal Agreement Bill:

“Whether you had three days, three weeks or three months debating this, you would not hear one original argument that we hadn’t otherwise heard in this process…”


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