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Guido is with his in-laws and the laptop is out-of-action ever since Microsoft insisted on an urgent security update to Windows XP.

Which is probably for the best, though there will be occasional updates, Guido suggests your best bet is to get stuck into the sherry.

Miscellaneous snippets:

Am enjoying Prescott spinning over Copenhagen, Gordon and Miliband claiming that it is a successful “first step” when they previously claimed it was a “last chance to save the planet”. It was all going so well until Gordon said he would go…

Think that Sion Simon has some serious explaining to do about lack of receipts for rent supposedly paid to his sister.

Looking forward to the pictures of pole dancers¬†due outside Harriet Harman’s house tomorrow complaining about changes in licensing laws that will take the shirts off their backs. Will also hit girl guides and boy scouts village hall dances.

Am told this week’s Private Eye (yes, it is still going) has a section on ‘Jonah Brown’, which is odd because Hislop insists, contrary to evidence, they don’t take material unattributed from blogs. Nor do they appear to have paid for the last load of cut ‘n pasting for which Adam Macqueen promised to send a cheque.

A very silly attitude. Private Eye could end up being made available for free on the web whether Hislop likes it or not…

UPDATE : Adam Macqueen points out that Guido was actually paid. Had no idea, but will take him at his word.  A book-keeper will be shot.

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