Expensegate II : Snippets

Nick Clegg managed to claim the maximum (in fact he had to be restrained from over claiming again).  £1,600  for the gardening – Sir Thomas Legg says the gardening limit is £1,000.   It all mounts up…

Douglas Carswell claimed £12.25 for an iron.  Nadine Dorries would not cooperate with the parliamentary authorities over where she actually lived and had a £1,000 gas bill – she must be contributing to global warming.  The mystery continues…

Gordon Brown, class warrior, claimed £1,932.50 for a domestic servant, £175 for a gardener, he paid back £500 for painting a summer house, we still pay his Sky Sports.  He isn’t slow in burdening the taxpayers for his dry cleaning and laundry either.  He taxes the many for a few domestic luxuries…

UPDATE : Why is big Graham Allen claiming for dry cleaning a blouse?

UPDATE II : Jacqui Smith just keeps on troughing; £555.74 for yet another television, a £244.90 DVD player and £611 spent on a new double bed and mattress – separate bedroom perhaps?

UPDATE III : We paid to service the shadow chancellor’s Aga.  George Osborne appears to have mismanaged the only budget he is so far in charge of, he over-spent above the expense limits.  Not a sign of an innate instinct for cost control.

UPDATE IV : Mark Oaten tried to claim £147 for an ‘Onyx Silver Label mattress’ (double). The fees office queried this, as the delivery address was not that of his second home.  Hmmm…

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