Expensegate II : Purnell's Playboy Lifestyle at Our Expense

Smiling James PurnellPurnell has been living the glam Soho life at our expense.  In November 2008 he rented a plush flat in Soho for £2,500 a month (the landlord made a special condition that it was thoroughly cleaned throughout at the end of his tenancy).  He buys most of his food at the fancy, ultra-expensive, Fresh and Wild organic deli.  We pay for his TV subscription, cable TV (not sure what he watches).  He is kept looking sharp courtesy of the taxpayer picking up his dry cleaning bills.

He spends his red box free evenings hanging out in Soho clubs – not trendy Polpo mind you- and getting so tired and emotional he loses his wallet and security pass.

In the past purnells-front-gardenJames Purnell has always been a bit shifty with his main residence claims – they tend to get flipped depending on what is the most rewarding in terms of expenses and capital gains dodges. He also got into a bit of trouble for leaving his old flat in a disgusting state. Purnell’s constituency “primary residence” (pictured here) looks like a dump – not that he is ever seen there.   He clearly has decided to move up in the world.   In the real world you would need to earn £50,000 before tax  just to cover the rent on his playboy flat…

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