Sunday Sleaze

Sunday Sleaze

byersSteven Byers is standing down as an MP after 30 years of troughing, coincidentally leaked details show that he claimed £125,000 in second home expenses over five years for a flat wholly owned by his lover.  So effectively he authorised payments to his other half. In the private sector he would be fired and probably prosecuted.   The attitude of his fellow parliamentarians is merely “fill yer boots” and retire on a gold plated index-linked pension.

pork-spotlightLabour Party Baroness Whitaker has fiddled £150,000 in expenses by renting a country cottage from Conservative Lord Renton and saying it was her main home. For seven years Baroness Whitaker rented the property, which is on a driveway leading to Lord Renton’s mansion in the Sussex Downs, at the same time as owning a million pound London property.

They really are all at it…

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