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Torn subGuardianistas and the unpopular parts of the blogosphere are raging about the Sun’s full on assault on Brown and all things Labour. When Labour delegates were ripping up copies of The Sun on prime time TV what did they expect the response would be? There is a logical inconsistency about their rage; on the one hand they said the Sun wasn’t important and on the other hand they froth about it almost continuously.  That they keep on repeating the mantra that it isn’t really important tells you it is really hurting and they fear it.  The Mirror is an avowedly Labour supporting paper whereas The Sun is the biggest swing-vote paper, and it has swung decisively to the Tories.  That is why Bad Al Campbell and the rest of the Labour spin operation are bleeding so badly over the Sun’s shift…

This morning’s reporting of Brown’s conversation with Mrs Janes was a good news story, news is after all what people don’t want you to hear, the rest is spin.  The left is now in full on “Murdoch is evil” mode, Fox and the Sun will be characterised as liars.  They will take presenters like Glenn Beck and columnists like the great Kelvin MacKenzie and make out that this is biased news – it isn’t, it is opinionated infotainment.  Audiences like that, it is provocative and entertaining, Jon Stewart and Polly Toynbee do the same thing from the other side.

Murdoch does not have a monopoly on bias, the BBC and the Mirror are not exactly objective – though only the BBC pretends to impartiality.  Look at the Mirror and every day you see made up news, not just opinionated comment.  If you think the Currant Bun is tough on Gordon here is a selection of recent Mirror headlines resulting from a site-search for “Cameron”:

Cameron Choker, Cheap Cameron, Confused Cameron, Slippery Cameron, Bad Joke Cameron, Big Guns Turn on Cameron, David Cameron: Cheesy And Sleazy, England – It’s the Curse of Cameron (bloody hell, Kevin Maguire’s nicked the idea of a political leader who is a sporting jinx) and Cameron’s Credit Crunch Christmas.

The Mirror is no different from the Sun, yet you don’t hear the Tories whinging about it…

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