Triple Curse Whacked British Football Hopes mdi-fullscreen

Could journalists not agree a moratorium on asking Gordon to pledge support for our sporting teams?   Last night, as prophesied, Everton fans knew they were doomed to lose the moment the Prime Mentalist wished them well.  Gordon added “I want to see all British teams do well when they are playing against European opposition”. Cursing the hopes of millions of loyal fans, besides Everton, neither Fulham nor Celtic won their European matches…

UPDATE : A fearful co-conspirator alerts Guido to Gordon’s flying visit to the Airbus wing factory yesterday:

[bbc-news video=8345428 width=480 height=384]

Inevitably within hours the Wall Street Journal reportedBlow to Airbusas 8 aircraft were cancelled losing them $400 million.  Be honest, would you want to fly in a cursed plane?

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