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After reading the Kelly Report, listening to him and watching the front bench responses  yesterday it seems that we have something to celebrate on the day that Guido’s namesake was prevented from explosively implementing his brand of anti-politics.  The political class accepts the game is finally up, their porking is now well and truly busted.

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Expense payments will be for real expenses. A heck of a lot of troughing is going to be phased out.  The no-receipts culture is coming to an end.  The employment of husbands, wives, lovers and children is being phased out.  The mortgage subsidy giving MPs the opportunity to make private profits at public expense is over.  The John Lewis list is abolished, the taxpayer’s largesse and funding of flat-screen TVs, interior designers, chic furniture, £400-a-month tax free for groceries without receipts.  We won’t be paying for their gardeners, cleaners, nannies, glossy pamphlet “communications”, moat cleaning, dog food and duck houses.  It is all coming to an end…

bigben_fireworksWe shouldn’t forget how they lied about keeping their addresses secret so that we wouldn’t find out about their mortgage flipping, how they tried to keep secret all their little fiddles.  How we paid for them to have servants.  Politicians have been dragged into the real world. There will still be a battle – Sir Stuart Bell and the rest of the troughers will drag their trotters, they will also be trying to get an inflation busting pay rise to move them to pay levels higher than 99% of their constituents.  They will moan that they have lost all their perks and need to be compensated.  Guido’s response to that is that firstly they are overpaid compared to the people whose taxes support them and that if they want to make money maybe politics is not for them.  They still think they deserve six-figure compensation packages, nothing will shake them from this belief or their sense of self-entitlement.  Maybe they should try to get better paid jobs in the real world – if they can. Guido will be enjoying the fireworks today more than usual and likes to think that the ghost of old Guy will be smiling as well…

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