Gordon Curses Everton's Euro Hopes

Looks like the Tories aren’t the only blues to see their Euro hopes destroyed.  From the Everton FC site:

evertonfc-crestThe Prime Minister will be cheering Everton on tonight as the Blues face Benifca.  Gordon Brown visited the North West earlier and was asked about the nation’s favourite topic, football. The PM said he was hoping for a home win at Goodison. “I want to see all British teams do well when they are playing against European opposition,” said Mr Brown.  “Everton of course play tonight.  I hope they do well in the Europa League and I hope they get through this stage of the competition.”

Guido broke the news to Dizzy, a lifelong Everton fan. His exact words were “That’s it we’re f****d, that f*****g c**t has really f****d us now.”

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