Look to Luton for the General Election Trend

luton-outGuido has been saying for some time that this election may well exceed the 1945 election for clearing out incumbent MPs. The number of troughing MPs retiring or being thrown out by electors is going to be huge. As well as the macro-political environment and the visceral anti-political feeling that covers the land and will be celebrated this Thursday 5, November, the nature of the expenses scandal means that local newspaper journalists will find it easy to attack their sitting MPs.

None will find it easier than the Luton & Dunstable Express which has started aGet Moran Out Now campaign in her Luton South constituency.  Expect to see more of this across the land.  Guido will be watching to see if Julie Kirkbride tries to stand again…

Hat-tip : Miranda Richardson

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Quote of the Day

Jacob Rees-Mogg on Theresa May

“There comes a point at which the policy and the individual become so intimately connected that it would be very hard to carry on supporting the person who is promoting this policy.”


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