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Bad Al Campbell is briefing that the Sun’s endorsement is nothing.  When he was really a player in the game, he used to think differently, take this extract from his diaries:

Monday, March 17, 1997
Labour's Lost the Sun… As soon as TB finished the Q & A session I took him to one side and said I had some good news. I said you remember in 1994 when I said we should try to get the Sun on board and you said you weren’t sure it was possible, well, they are. He thought it was good news in its own right, but was good in the effect it would have on the other side’s morale. I tipped off Mike Brunson at ITN. On one level, it was ridiculous that it should be seen as a big event, but the reality is that is exactly how it is seen. I felt it was a fruit of three years’ hard work, and there will be many more.

If you read his book, The Blair Years“, Alastair boasts of lying, of spinning in his own words “bollocks”. It was he who sent David Kelly and thousands more to their deaths on the basis of a dossier of lies.  Labour circles are currently alive to the rumour that Bad Al is negotiating the terms on which he will return to help Mandelson in Downing Street.  Alastair himself is spinning, as if he understands, that the internet changes everything.  Mandelson told Paxman last night that The Sun doesn’t matter because of blogs and Twitter, as if they are some 140 character placebo for democracy. Yes, the internet.  Come on down Alastair, come spin on the web.  Emperor of dirt, we will make you hurt…

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