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Andrew Rawnsley has resigned as editor-in-chief of PoliticsHome:

I became Editor-in-Chief on the basis that PoliticsHome was dedicated to being a non-partisan site clearly independent of any party both editorially and financially. It was essential for users of the site that they could feel absolute confidence in the political independence of PoliticsHome. I do not believe that can be compatible with being under the ownership of the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

Rawnsley has his reputation to think of, but the proof will be in the pudding. Politicshome has been hitherto a utility that doesn’t originate commentary.  The official announcement that Lord Ashcroft has taken a 57% stake in ConservativeHome and PoliticsHome is here. Though none of the parties is commenting, Guido understands that it was a six-figure sum £1.3 million that changed hands. Which is a fairly good price for a media publishing operation without a penny of revenue.

Incidentally Lord Ashcroft, since you appear to be on a buying spree, Guido won’t sell for less than seven eight figures…

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