Dannatt v Jones

Who is the unnamed defence minister in press reports who is behind the smearing of General Dannatt?  Step forward Kevan Jones.


On one side we have an honourable soldier who has seen action in Belfast, Bosnia and Kosovo, serving his country for the last forty years.  On the other we have a graduate of Newcastle Poly who has never had a proper job in his life.  A degree in Government & Public Policy helped him to become political and legal officer of the GMB Union, a local councillor and then an MP, where he has distinguished himself only by being one of Brown’s lickspittles.  He was one of the signatories of the “Tony Must Go” letter – that saw him eventually rewarded by Gordon with the position of Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Veterans at the Ministry of Defence.

Last summer (while still a backbencher) he submitted dozens of Parliamentary written questions asking about military comforts and perks. Lo and behold, once again Labour MPs have submitted a number of FoI requests regarding wining and dining bills at the Army boss’s home in Kensington, West London in an effort to embarrass him.  Wonder who inspired that trick?

According to the Sunday Times, Gordon Brown personally blocked Dannatt’s promotion from chief of the general staff to overall head of the armed forces as chief of the defence staff because of his repeated calls for better pay and conditions for servicemen.

Kevan is only doing Gordon’s bidding…

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