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Labour backbenchers are obsessed with Lord Ashcroft and he enjoys the “Dr Evil” status that they give him.  Last night they forced the government to accept an amendment to the law on political donations that the government said was unworkable.  It is unworkable. Still if it makes them feel better…

Guido has said it before and he’ll say it again: Ashcroft should just publicly come clean on his status. If he wants to take a substantial role in public life that is the price he has to pay.  A source claims that the Electoral Commission has glossed over the investigation of Lord Ashcroft.  Perhaps, or more likely he is careful to act within the letter of the law. As previously when laws have been targeted at him, he will not be hampered in the slightest by this law change.

Labour’s backbench MPs might reflect on non-domiciled donors like Lakshmi Mittal (pictured), Ronnie Cohen and Swaraj Paul – who during the Blair years gave the Labour Party £10 million. Lord Paul’s status is very confusing, is he now UK domiciled?  Does he pay UK taxes on all his income and capital?
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