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Unusually for Guido he flicked through the Guardian first thing this morning.  It seems to have developed a mono-mania.  Peter Wilby writes The Biggest Media Story in Years – So Why the Silence? Hmm, possibly because it isn’t news that newspapers hack mobiles and has not been since we listened to Diana’s squidgygate recordings over a decade ago.  They also strung out another news story rehashing Sunday coverage.  Martin Moore from the Media Standards Trust says incredibly supportively This Calls for An Inquiry – But Not by the PCC (nothing to do with the fact that the Guardian’s owner funds the Media Standards Trust).  Jackie Ashley kicks out 800 words on Coulson Must Go Or Else I’ll Scream Until I am Blue in the Face. Julian Henry says the same, Coulson apparently has to lose his current job for the same reason he lost his  last  job or else presumably the Guardian will keep writing articles about him.

guardian-logoHell, forlornly looking for Tory division, they have even roped in ConservativeHome’s Tim Montgomerie for a piece.  Seven articles today about Coulson not being destroyed by a Guardian scoop?  Isn’t that overkill? The scoop, such as it was, really boils down to the payouts which happened long after Coulson’s tenure.  It wasn’t news that voicemail hacking and worse happened on Coulson’s watch.  That is after all why he resigned last time.

It could of course kick-off tomorrow if the select committee skewers Coulson, if he is worth the money he is paid he should be able to get through Tom Watson et al trying to ensnare him.  He won’t enjoy becoming the focus…

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