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Last night there was a briefing scheduled by the Labour Party on “Tory Cuts” :

Operational Note

Sunday 14 June 2009

Strictly for operational use – not for publication or broadcast

Liam Byrne MP, Labour’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, sets out the choice facing voters between investment under Labour and cuts under the Conservatives.

The economic landscape is more uncertain than it has been for generations. But irrespective of what happens over the coming years, David Cameron – Mr 10% – wants to spend less than Labour and give £200,000 tax cuts to the 3,000 richest families.

In the years ahead – from 2011/12 onwards – no matter what the economic circumstances – the Conservatives are committed to 10 per cent cuts across almost all Government departments.

Format: Off camera, on record briefing

Date: Monday 15 June 2009

Venue: Labour Party HQ, 39 Victoria Street

Time: 1115 arrival for 1130 press briefing with Liam Byrne MP followed by Q&A session

Then it was cancelled:

Subject: News from Labour: Liam Byrne MP briefing tomorrow (15.06.2009) cancelled

Dear all,

Please note that tomorrow morning’s off camera, on record briefing with Liam Byrne MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has now been cancelled.

Kind regards,

Laurence Newman

Labour Party Press Office

Now, apparently, it is back on. Though some Lobby hacks say they haven’t been telphoned about it. Cock-up or conspiracy?

UPDATE : Guido is not breaking the “not for publication or broadcast” embargo, because he did not get sent these emails directly.  Despite the Labour Party spinning that it is now reaching out to bloggers, Guido is excluded by Labour’s press office.

Guido gets press releases, operational notes and press conference invitations from the LibDems, Conservatives, SNP and UKIP.  Nothing however from Labour’s press office, despite Roger Baker, Head of Press and Broadcasting at 39 Victoria Street telling Guido personally only last week that this would change. When it does, Guido will respect their embargoes…

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