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As new readers flood into the blog it might be helpful to set the tone for newbies. This is the wrong place to argue in the comments about policies or who to vote for – too boring.  As the traffic has gone up a whole new crowd of readers have joined us and for those readers who have been around a long time this can be very irritating. Particularly as the comment threads get longer and less readable (see The Economics of Blog Comments).

The comments are not a general forum, the convention with blogs is that you discuss the subject in the post, perhaps going off occasionally in a tangent, perhaps referencing breaking news, but not posting off topic about your hobby horse again. Nor are they somewhere to repetively spam with links.  A link to a relevant post elsewhere is fine.  Repetitive link whoring is advertising, Guido likes to be paid for advertising. You’ll just get yourself deleted.

Guido’s comments policy is inconsistent, there is no right of reply or mechanism for complaint.  Guido just doesn’t care.  Now the daily readership is regularly 100,000 plus, and a good proportion of them seem to be total loons, it is getting tedious to have to delete dozens of comments every day that have got past the automated defences. There also appears to be some kind of misunderstanding about the blog’s purpose – it is not, despite what Ofcom says, a public service.

So for guidance here is a reminder of the somewhat arbitrary comments deletion policy:

  • If you post a long essay of a comment, it will be deleted.
  • If you want to libel someone – get your own blog.
  • If you want to abuse Guido, get your own blog (unless you do it wittily).
  • If you want to complain about Jews, blacks, lizards, little green men in your head etc. Get your own blog.
  • If you want to complain that it is biased, get your own unbiased blog.
  • If you want lengthy discussion about policy, bore on your own blog.
  • If you get offended easily, don’t complain, don’t come back.

In general some subjects are just not allowed to be discussed here because they invite the web based obsessives from the dark corners of the internet.  The truth about 9/11 will never be found here, the worldwide Jewish conspiracy is actively supported here as is the globalist New World Order.  Oh, and Guido came to earth on a UFO, so no point discussing that subject (or lizards).  Guido’s readers in general are not interested in your views on euphemisms, zionists, nationalism or race realism.  There is no freedom of speech on private property, more importantly you have no right to this blog’s audience.

The primary purpose of this blog is to amuse Guido, a by-product of that is the amusement and entertaining of others. Tittle-tattle and gossip are the currency of this blog, occasionally this blog breaks a hard news story which dominates the front pages, mostly we do Westminster trivia.  The readers make this blog what it is, are the best sources and Guido loves them for that.  Particularly the witty ones.

This is not an impartial comprehensive news service, the blog aims to have 3 to 5 selective posts a day, go to Reuters if you want a newswire. Guido relies on hundreds of co-conspirators for information – the many ways to contact Guido are here.  Enjoy, contibute, get a co-conspirators T-shirt.  Maybe.

See also Comment Bores, Comment Control, Guido’s Get Tough Policy on Comments.

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