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Hain is we are told heading back to the Welsh Office.  Is it because of his brilliance?  When Gordon sacked him last time it was for incompetence.  

Is it because he is clean when it comes to his expenses and will demonstrate the sincerity of Brown’s plans to clean up politics  This is the man who failed to declare £100,000 laundered through a think tank / slush fund for his deputy leadership campaign.  Hain, do not forget, was the cabinet minister who argued for the change in the system that allowed ministers to designate their London home as their second home, he “employs” his 80 year-old mother at the taxpayer’s expense to look after his interests, such a shame she never actually visits his office…

Hain has played his hand well, Guido heard a rumour that it was to be him who was going to berate Brown at Monday’s PLP meeting.  Perhaps Brown’s henchmen heard it too, bringing him back buys Hain off.  The barrel is really being scraped in the effort to prop up Gordon…

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