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38 Degrees, the UK version of MoveOn has finally launched.  It has no formal link to MoveOn, but is advised by one of the MoveOn team.  MoveOn was itself an online campaign launched to shore up the Clinton presidency when Matt Drudge mired slick Willy in scandal and possible impeachment over his lying about Monica Lewinsky.

David BabbsThe campaign is however keen to not be seen as pro-Labour, in truth it is not a Labour project, it is however of the progressive left-of-centre aiming to “advance fairness, defend rights, promote peace, preserve the planet and deepen democracy in the UK”. The holding company behind it is called Progressive Majority, which gives the game away.  The leading figure is David Babbs, who comes from Friends of the Earth, in fact most of the leading figures and finance are from the green movement.  Blue State Digital UK did the website, which is a cut above the usual with fancy but meaningless imagery.

Sunny Hundal’s Liberal Conspiracy was originally spun as a MoveOn type operation when it launched, he is giving a grudging welcome to the group this morning.  Guido agrees with Sunny that the name is not brilliant, but wishes them best of luck with their first campaign – a recall law for MPs.  Anything that weakens the power of politicians and strengthens the power of the people…

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