Nadine Needs a Holiday

Nadine DorriesGuido has a lot of time for Nadine Dorries, she adds to the gaiety of the nation immensely.  However she has really misjudged the public mood if she thinks there is any sympathy for MPs who are feeling stressed.  Most people would like to see crooked MPs in jail, not getting psychiatric counselling for stress at the taxpayers’ expense.  She seems to be saying that the ACA racket was known and understood by all to be part of an MP’s entitlement.  Well that may be how MPs see it, but that is not how most people see it nor how it was in law.

The only MPs suffering stress are those that fleeced the taxpayer.  They deserve more than that, they deserve to face criminal charges.

UPDATE : Anthony Weaver, from Holborn agrees.  He applied for a summons before a district judge in Jacqui Smith’s constituency in Redditch alleging that she defrauded the public purse of between £116,000 and £200,000 by claiming her main residence was her sister’s London house.  He wanted to prosecute Ms Smith under Section 2 (1) of the Fraud Act 2006.  The judge adjourned the case, advising Mr Weaver to contact Scotland Yard.

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Quote of the Day

John McDonnell tells the Gallery/Lobby lunch what the priest told him to do…

‘He persuaded me to do this. He said you need to soften your image. So do Mumsnet and do this…. I’m trying to soften my image.’


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