Met Police Gearing Up for Investigations

millionaire-mp-logoOn Tuesday Guido saw confirmation that the Metropolitan Police were preparing to make enquiries into MP’s expenses.  Separately the Serious Fraud Office was referring enquiries to the Committee on Public Standards – who as far as Guido knows do not have powers of arrest.

Thieving Eliott MorleyThis situation is so bad that it seems clear to Guido that only prison sentences will satisfy the public.  Politicians have been operating a racket costing the taxpayers millions, stealing from the public purse on a scale that beggars belief.  Labour MP Elliot Morley now claims  he made a mistake.  Morley deliberately lied to the fees office to steal from the taxpayers – he expects us to believe that he forgot he (we) had paid off his mortgage and carried on claiming long afterwards.  That is unbelievable.  He is not the only one who should be prosecuted for theft and fraud.

UPDATE : The Prime Minister is “very concerned” about allegations Elliot Morley claimed £16,000 for a non-existent mortgage.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg on Theresa May

“There comes a point at which the policy and the individual become so intimately connected that it would be very hard to carry on supporting the person who is promoting this policy.”


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