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millionaire-mp-logoWho made the rules? MPs. Who benefits? MPs. Who decides how much they are paid? MPs. Who judges rule breakers? MPs.  It is a fundamental legal principle, that you should not be a judge in your own case (“nemo debet esse iudex in propria causa”).  MPs are always judging other MPs caught red handed, that is why despite huge amounts of money being embezzled, not a single MP has gone to jail.

Guido has been shouting about the Green Book Rule changes which came into force on April Fools Day – and politicians really do take us for fools. To stop all the rule breaking by MPs they came up with a clever solution. Scrap the rules!  MPs have become millionaires from property portfolios financed out of taxpayer’s money, they have incredibly generous pension packages worth £30,000 a year.  Even by public sector standards this is generous. They just keep on troughing for decades and then collect their gold-plated index-linked pension schemes on their way out.

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