Barack O'Bama Says "Happy St Patricks" mdi-fullscreen

They didn’t dye the White House fountains when Gordon visited.   The Irish Taoiseach got a warm welcome from Barack – after all he is family.

“My mother’s family can be traced back to Ireland, and it turns out that our first Irish ancestor came from the same county that the Taoiseach once represented. So we may be cousins. We haven’t sorted that through yet. But even if blood we’re not related by culture and affinity…by friendship we are certainly related… an affirmation of one of the strongest bonds of people that exists in the world.”

Ireland has had “probably as much impact on our culture and our traditions as any country on earth” said President O’Bama ahead of a lunch to be attended by Secretary of State Clinton. Tonight will see a ceremony and a reception for almost 400 people.  Guido has been unable to ascertain if the Taoiseach will be getting a blockbuster DVD box set as well.

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