Tamsin is the Real Toff According to Burke’s Peerage & Gentry

The hypocrisy of the grand-daughter of a baroness running a campaign* against the son of a successful cobbler and accusing him of being the toff has been breathtaking. However the toffs’ bible, Burke’s Landed Gentry (19th Edition) correctly lists her not Ed Timpson. She is “one of them” as her charming leaflets describe toffs. Her politically contrived fake “one of us – working mother” spin will look a little less believable tomorrow…

*Don’t forget it also turned out that the top-hatted Labour Party campaign worker turned out to be an ex-public schoolboy as well. Patronising working class white voters with a stupid knuckle-dragging campaign to elect a baronesses’ grand-daughter with acres in Wales seems hypocrisy on a monumental scale. On Thursday voters will see through it…

UPDATE 22.44 : Paxo just put this to Tamsin live on Newsnight – she looked unamused.

UPDATE 23.04 : Courtesy of an An Englishman’s Castle, we have Tamsin Dunwoody’s pile “Cwarre Dduon”, Ambleston, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.

N.B. It seems that Chris Whiteside had this story first. Guido’s hat is tipped.

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