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Guido has a soft spot for Silvio and is looking forward to his return to power, not least because he comes out with crackers like this:

“The left has no taste, not even when it comes to women… As for ours being more beautiful, I say that because in parliament they have no competition.”

Guido thinks he has a point, and old Silvio knows a thing or two about women. It seems like only yesterday that a paparazzo got a long lens shot of the pocket billionaire canoodling with a couple of young women.

Conservative women age better than lefty ladies claims Silvio. Maybe it is because they give personal grooming a higher priority, wear more expensive clothes, spend more on cosmetics and at their hairdressers, or just have better taste – who knows? Heterosexual men have little understanding of the mechanics, they just admire the result. Of course there are splendid exceptions, however in general, once they get past thirty, the best beauties are more interested in their stock portfolios than social justice. No doubt this will be condemned as a thoughtcrime, it is still true though.

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