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The Telegraph’s leader writer, Robert Colvile, has written a very well judged pamphlet “Politics, Policy and the Internet for the Centre for Policy Studies. Guido comes in for some praise for shaking things up a little in the Lobby and some criticism for letting the co-conspirators throw tomatoes at politicians and use rude words. Fair enough, but that’s the way we like it here isn’t it? This chart on page 7 caught Guido’s eye, it is based on industry data from Hitwise. Can you spot one missing blog that might have slightly more market share? As it is it shows Colvile’s Telegraph colleagues to be the most successful political bloggers in Britain.

Colvile also got quite a lot of coverage for saying that the BNP’s website was the most popular politics site. It wasn’t. Can you guess which gossipy politics site beat them all with the most visitors last month?

Guido contacted Robert Colvile immediately on seeing the chart, he blamed the CPS and insisted that he had told them to include Guido in the chart. The CPS’s Tim Knox told Guido “sorry” and that they would correct it immediately. Of course if Guido has been included it would put all those millions spent by the Telegraph on new media in a different light – wouldn’t it? To come second to one not-always-sober Guy with a lap-top after losing £10 million on developing your website last year?

This grumble aside, it is still worth reading, particularly the point about voters now expecting government to be as good as Google. Responsive instantly, open and transparent. Something that Guido would have emphasised, is the idea of the blogosphere as the Gramscian “site of struggle” for the politico-media world’s mindshare. In this world new media can compete vigorously with Big media. In the U.S. the Drudge Report, according to the respected Pew Research Centre, is the second most important online source of campaign information in politics, behind only the New York Times and ahead of the Washington Post. So it will be over here too, and the readers will still enjoy insulting the politicians…

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