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Jon Mendelsohn has gone to ground and is not answering questions from the media.

He released a statement claiming that when he learnt from Peter Watt that Abrahams was behind a string of proxy donations he was “unhappy with the arrangement… very concerned that these arrangements did not meet the strict transparency test that I wished to see in place… I did not discuss this with the officers of the national executive committee or party leadership… I decided to tell Mr Abrahams that his method of contribution was unacceptable.”

He sticks to the party line that Peter Watt the General Secretary thought it was legally correct. So despite his suspicions he still kept schtum, told no one and intended to put a stop to it. Do you believe this highly successful spin doctor is telling the truth?

  • Why didn’t Mendelsohn immediately inform the Electoral Commission?
  • Why given that he told Peter Watt of his concerns, didn’t he also report his concerns immediately to the NEC or his party leader, Gordon Brown?
  • On appointment as Director of General Election Resources, it was stated that he would report to Douglas Alexander, the General Election Co-ordinator. So why did he report this to Peter Watt instead?
  • In the letter to Abrahams he refers to “the priorities that we are assigning to our resources”, isn’t that actually a softening up phrase for a bid for more money?
It all just doesn’t ring true. It smells like he is trying to protect his political superiors. At least in this case we have clear evidence of wrong doing and the police won’t have difficulty proving a crime was committed. Gordon Brown has already told us it was unlawful.
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