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At the close of the Blair era the Mirror was reporting “Gordon slams Cameron for ‘fluffy’ showbiz politics”. With the passing of Tony we were told we would see an end to all that showbiz glitz of the star-struck Blairs. No more holidays at Cliff’s place in Barbados, no more “Am I bovvered” comedy sketches from this PM.

Now Gordon is 8% behind in the polls. So is he doing hard-hitting interviews setting out his vision? No. Apart from the fellatio-interview with Andy Marr he has only been seen on GMTV, the soft-centred yolk of a breakfast show. Where, with a fine sense of priorities, the producers actually bumped him from the 8.00 a.m. prime slot to earlier when they got Heather Mills on live.

So Guido was not entirely surprised when the Brownies had a change of plan. Imagine the brainstorming at No. 10:

McSnide : Gordon you need to connect more with GMTV and Daytime TV viewers.
Konrad (pours tea) : My grandma loves Countdown on channel 4. You know she will have been watching it for 25 years now.
McSnide : Brilliant, lets do a tribute to Countdown’s 25 years of consonants and vowels and their contribution to British spelling.
Konrad : Don’t forget Carol Vorderman’s contribution to budgetary understanding.

The resulting bizarre official Downing Street video is up on GuyNews.TV.

He is having what seems to be a slightly scary, Prozac-induced episode. The bouncing grin on his face as he congratulates Des Lynam, Carol Vorderman and posthumously Richard Whitely and Kenneth Williams is just odd.

So much for ending fluffy showbiz politics…

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