Is the email working at the Indy? The phones definitely seem to be playing up, last time Guido called to talk to Andy Grice the line went dead. So just in case Guido’s email to him on Monday went astray, here it is for him to read here:

From Guy Fawkes
Date Oct 22, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject Hi ya


Obviously this issue about the recycled FCO briefing is of great interest. I have two quick questions.

Could you give me an on the record quote as to how you independently verified the truth of the FCO briefing?

Can you confirm that you have never recycled for publication a press briefing verbatim in the past?

Guido Fawkes Esq.

Of course if another example of Grice recycling press briefings and passing it off as journalism were to be found, it would be a bit of a personal disaster for his reputation and credibility. He wouldn’t have done that, would he?

Incidentally, in the U.S. the National Review has picked up on Indy-gate. Well, you know how stuffy Americans can be about journalistic integrity.

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