Ali Campbell Diaries Pirated In Digital Format

Guido has, almost daily for the last week been sent, from different sources, a pirated PDF digital version of the Ali Campbell Diaries print manuscript. Saves buying it and putting money in the f*****s pocket.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer chap…

One of Guido’s corresponding co-conspirators did a search of the PDF file for swear words:

There are, unsurprisingly, 135 references to the word “fuck”, more, infact than in Dr. Dre’s seminal gangsta rap album “The Chronic”.

There are also 38 uses of the word “shit”, 5 “cunts”, 2 “bitches”, 13 “wankers” as well as 1 “collective wank”, 29 “dicks” but only one obvious “penis”.

Has Campbell got a form of Tourettes to add to his depressive tendencies?

UPDATE : Comments are closed and Guido has deleted comments linking to the online pirated version. Even Alastair Campbell has property rights.

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