Hilary Armstrong : “Three MPs Drank Themselves to Death”

Ex-chief whip Hilary Armstrong has gone on the record to the Whitehall & Westminster newsletter with a candid admission that many MPs are drunks. “There was a period where there was a lot of trouble about drinking. It was an issue for the public and it was an issue for the House of Commons, as there were two or three members who died having had a really serious drink problem…”

Perhaps they need to increase the subsidised booze prices in the House of Commons. The bars are awash with young champagne guzzling lobbyists benefiting from some of the cheapest bar prices in London. Surely this is something that IDS should be looking at…

We all know that canny Charlie Kennedy avails himself fully of the cheap bar facilities, but a few other MPs are notoriously worse for wear…

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David Mundell tells The Times…

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