The IDS Plan to Lose Votes

Put up beer prices. Imagine if the Tories actually went into the election with a plan to raise taxes on beer. Electoral suicide.

Wine will cost Guido a few Euros a bottle next month in France, are the French suffering more alcoholism? No. If the propensity to booze was related to the cost wouldn’t richer people be more likely to be drunks? Binge drinking is a cultural thing, not a fiscal thing. The Irish do it, Brits do it, Poles do it. In fact most North European countries do it. Boozing to destruction will not be reduced by just putting prices up.

Guido seems to recall that IDS actually drove a lot of Tories to drink.

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Quote of the Day

Paul Goodman as sagacious as ever on Arron’s entryism…

“… one must watch for former UKIP donors and a very few left-of-Party-centre MPs propping each other up, like drunks at the end of a pub crawl. It suits the former to claim the power to organise a programme of mass infiltration. It suits the latter to react by complaining about extremist entryism. The rest of us should keep a cool head.”


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